Sexuality and the Forgetfulness of God. Unseasonal Thoughts about a Biblical Connection.

Sexuality and the Forgetfulness of God: Die amerikanische Ausgabe der Internationalen katholischen Zeitschrift Communio hat in ihrer letzten Sommer-Ausgabe, die dem Thema „Body and Gender“ gewidmet ist, einen Artikel von Bischof Stefan Oster übersetzt und gedruckt. Der gesamte Originaltext in Deutsch mit dem Titel „Gottvergessenheit und Sexualität“ findet sich hier. Derselbe Text ist auch bereits vor einiger Zeit in französischer Sprache erschienen, hier.

Sexuality and the Forgetfulness of God

(Einen weiteren Text zur Genderthematik von Bischof Oster, der bislang nur im Internet veröffentlicht wurde, lesen Sie hier.)

Im Folgenden das „abstract“ von Communio.

Verlag Communio, Inc., volume 43.2, summer 2016

DeckblattCommunio is published quarterly in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The Summer 2016 issue of Communio pursues the theme of “Body and Gender.” The meaning of human sexuality continues to be brought into question and reimagined in our day. All the authors featured here seek to uncover the root principles of the gender difference, and to show how the Church’s vision of the relation between man and woman illuminates human nature and, thereby, the order of personal freedom. This vision offers a path through our contemporary confusions and uncertainties regarding the body.

In „Sexuality and the Forgetfulness of God. Unseasonal Thoughts about a Biblical Connection,“ Stefan Oster confronts prevalent objections to the Church`s teaching on sexuality by returning to the source and heart of her doctrine: God´s intimate communion with his creature in Christ. Oster proposes that what is needed now is a renewed faith in Christ´s life-giving presence to his Church, and recalls that this presence liberates us to love God with our whole being. „That is why human sexuality is taken up into this movement of healing and sanctification and precisely does not remain untouched by it.“  Since the gift of holiness comprehends the entirety of human life, „Christ also intends to allow the power and beauty of sexuality to ripen therin and likewise desires to make it deeper and more whole.“